I like things in order so I’ll make this numbered

1.Sorry for not posting the new anime i was too sick to get out of bed. Still slightly sick but not enough to stop me from moving around and getting work done so I’ll be posting the anime regularly once more.

2.Filecloud has changed the way it works download wise, the changes are:
a.No more instant downloads
b.Single file downloads only
c.Yep the dreadful captcha’s are back

3.Thank you to the single person that donated and helped me minimize my spending on getting a new hard drive. Since there really is no other way that i can think to say thanks, Since you helped in a great time of need just message me any anime that you want me to upload and I’ll try my best to get it on this site for you(matters not how many). Now to re-download the 15,000 episodes that i lost

thanks Ckretd