So here’s a little FAQ for you.

Q. Who created this site and for what purpose?
A. This site was the work of one person - Flyer. You could have heard this name in news about PSP exploits. Yes, He’s the person, but that doesn’t matter here;) Purpose? Site that people will enjoy.

Q. Who is behind converting, uploading, posting, doing requests, managing, and developing Anime 4 PSP?
A. All this is done by dream_eater, siinclaiir, and Zorro Guevara.

Q. says “You need to be premium member to download this file”. WTF?
A. Disable your adblock or add to exceptions and you won’t get that anymore. If that won’t help, then either buy premium or wait for current download to finish and try again. Don’t forget that ads can help websites to stay alive, is kind and won’t put a lot of ads!

Q. I get “502 Badgateway error”. What should I do?
A. Google what 502 error means and you will understand that this is server error, and so I can’t help it. So wait and it should be fixed by filecloud sooner or later.

Q. I found broken link/I have video problem. What should I do? Will you fix it?
A. Oh yeah, I will, but only if you tell me about it. Please report all problems by making a post in Report problems forum and I will fix them ASAP.

Q. What devices can play anime that I downloaded from here?
A. As the name of the website suggested: it’s for PSP. The format is .mp4 (resolution: 480×272), so nearly any devices that can support .mp4 will be able to play anime from here.

Q. I know awesome anime, but I can’t find it here. Can I request it?
A. Yes, you can. Please use Request anime forum. We’ll try to add that ASAP, but don’t forget that sometimes we’ve a lot on our plate.

Q. Will it always be free?
A. Yea, it will stay this way.

Q. I want hentai. Will you add it?
A. Never.

Q. This site is so damn awesome! I want to thank you by donating. Can I?
A. Sure you can, though I don’t force you to. If you want, there’s paypal and skrill (preferred) donation form under Support site link.

Q. Can I follow updates on Facebook/RSS/Twitter?
A. Yes, there are links at the top of page, clicking which will lead you to site’s account with all updates. Twitter will come one day.

Q. I have great idea or I found some bug/mistake/other thing? Should I share it with you?
A. I’m always happy to hear your ideas, so feel free to suggest in Comment box forum.

Q. Will there ever be mirrors?
A. Probably no, because there are no really decent file hosting service that give enough space to host all anime available on Anime 4 PSP.

Q. I have troubles while registering. What should I do?
A. Please send an e-mail to me by pressing button at the top of the page. We will discuss matter and see what can be done.

Q. Eh, I still have questions. What should I do?
A. Ask me directly via Comment box forum or send me an e-mail.

Q. I want to download from via PSP.
A. Bad idea, really bad. First try with your PSP to see if it works. Sometimes thanks to Sony’s magic it’s working.
If not… and if you still insist: you can read How to download from filecloud using PSP.